Exhibition of Aboriginal Photographs by Michael Aird 1991

Exhibition of Aboriginal Photographs by Michael Aird at the Queensland Museum. Seen 17.11.1991 List of names noted. 1. Tamrookum, Beaudesert Region John Williams c1920 Katie Williams c1920 Nellie Williams c1910 ) William Williams c1910 ) Emily Jackie c1910 ] William Williams c1910 ] Katie Williams c1920 ) Lilly Williams c1920 ) Clara Williams c1920 ) 2. Southport Edith Graham c1915 ) Tilly Drumely c1915 ) Edith Graham c1920 ] Theresa Graham c1920 ] 3. Emma Williams c1914 ) Eva Williams c1914 ) Doris Williams c1914 ) Mother and her two children 4. Myora Mission, Stradbroke Island Albert Tripcony, son of Mary Rose Tripcony 1914 Mary Rose Tripcony, daughter of Sydney Rollins c1890's Rosie Campbell c1890's 5. Moreton Island Sydney Rollins (female) c1860 6. Warwick District Daughter of Fat Kiddy 7. Sophie 1900 - 1910 8. Blackmans Station, Burnett River District Rosie c1890's 9. Bundaberg Caffee c1890's 10. Canando, West Queensland Aborigine c1900 11. King Sandy of Brisbane 1860's King Sandy of Moreton Bay 1884 King Sandy of Boonah 1904 Jackey Jackey, King of the Logan River c1890 Queen Maria of Childers King Tommy of Noosa King Billy Galeen of Coomera 1891 12. Durundur Station, Stanley River Alreena, daughter of Valmae _________________________________________________