Evacuation Coloured People Thursday Island to Cherbourg 1942

Evacuation Coloured People Thursday Island to Cherbourg 1942 Item ID 503968 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2224 (File 1F/44 Administration Torres Strait Transfer R254 Box 325) Access Category 0 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1997 List of Free Coloured Evacuees from Thursday island ex "Katoora" Name Reln Age Caste Assan Ah Boo H 64 Malay Lass Ah Boo W 59 Malay/Island Sandy Ah Boo So 26 F/B Aborigine, adopted by Assan Ah Boo Almira Ah Boo Da 28 Manilla strain, married & husband in Militia on Thursday Island. 7 mths pregnant. Betty Ah Boo 6 Manilla strain. Daughter of Almira Mudget Ah Boo 4 Manilla strain. Son of Almira Joy Ah Boo 2 Manilla strain. Daughter of Almira Jias Ah Mat 44 Malay/Island. Wife Mary Ah Mat is in Cairns Hospital. Impossible to remove her. To stay. Harry Ah Mat 77 Batavia Mercia Ah Mat 20 Malay/Cingalee. Lillian Ah Mat 3 Malay/Cingalee. Illegitimate child of Mercia. Julia Ah Mat 13 Malay/Cingalee Portia Ah Mat 11 Malay/Cingalee (Mercia, Lilian, Julia and Portia gone to Peter Mendis) Aroe (Ero) 80 Javanese. Old and blind. Hassan Bin Awel H 49 Malay/Island Saia Bin Awel W 32 Javanese Hagiga Bin Awel Da 15 Malay/Island Mariam Bin Awel Da 14 Malay/Island Abdulla Bin Awel So 11 Malay/Island Abdul Kerom Bin Awel So 8 Malay/Island Omar Bin Awel So 3 Malay/Island Wahap Bin Tahal H 27 Javanese Suberia Bin Tahal W 22 Malay/Island. 7 months pregnant. Brian Bin Tahal So 5 Malay/Island Schat Bin Tahal So 1 Malay/Island (In Brisbane) Ali Ben Dol 38 Indent Malay. Brisbane Hospital Louisa Constance Burke M 36 H/C Aborigine. Lives apart from husband. Walter Paul So H/C Aborigine (To Julia Creek) Dorsena Bin Garapo M 38 Malay/Island. Husband Assan Bin Garapo at Cherbourg. Mial Bin Garapo So 9 Malay/Island Sariba Bin Garapo Da 6m Malay/Island Bessie Chin Soon 26 Malay/Island. Husband Fred Chin Soon at T.I. (In Brisbane) Louisa Gallard W 49 SSI. Mother of Sarah Mallie, Taleta Mallie, Henry Mallie & William Mallie by first husband. Stephen Gallard H 59 Cripple, diver's paralysis. Rona Bin Gapor W 35 Malay/Island. Husband Bada Bin Gapor working at T.I. 8 months pregnant. Sally Bin Gapor Da 14 Malay/Island Ah Mat Bin Gapor So 12 Malay/Island Hassan Bin Gapor So 11 Malay/Island City Bin Gapor Da 7 Malay/Island Saheapa Bin Gapor Da 7 Malay/Island Noor Bin Gapor Da 5 Malay/Island Jean Bin Gapor Da 1 Malay/Island (To stay) Diana Hodges 70 Light H/C. With son Daniel Hodges at Cairns Jia Drummond 36 Single Charlotte Lee W 51 SSI/European. Wife of Joseph Lee at Cairns. Amy Lee Da 15 SSI/European Alice Lee Da 10 SSI/European Gertrude Lee Da 13 SSI/European Moira Lee Da 4 SSI/European (Husband will go to Cherbourg for work. Rest will stay.) Gertrude Loban W 50 Malay/European. Husband Tommy Loban working on T.I. Also mother of Ted Loban Retired AIF at Kangaroo Point Hospital Jean Loban Da 16 Malay/European Joan Loban Da 10 Malay/European Frank Loban So 12 Malay/European (In Brisbane) Mary Malay W 40 Malay strain. Husband Subdeen Malay in Militia, T.I. Mahamut Malay So 14 Malay strain (In Brisbane) Amoy Mallie H 30 Rita Mallie W 25 SSI/Island. 7 months pregnant Stephen Mallie So 4 SSI/Island Sarah Mallie 30 Malay strain, single Taleta Mallie 28 Malay strain, single William Mallie 12 Malay strain Henry Mallie 14 Malay strain Abdullah Bin Mahomet Sallet 33 Malay strain Mary Seden M 41 Malay strain, widow Brian Seden So 9 Malay strain Kathleen Seden Da 3 Malay strain (To stay on settlement) Summah Seden W 28 Malay strain. Husband Woggie Seden in the Militia at T.I. George Seden So 9 Malay strain Mary Seden Da 4 Malay strain Loraine Seden Da 1 Malay strain Jean Shibasaki W 34 Malay strain. Husband Kyukichi Shibasaki who has been interned Jamal Shibasaki So 15 Malay/Japanese Nismile Shibasaki So 13 Malay/Japanese Noina Shibasaki Da 10 Malay/Japanese Myoko Shibasaki Da 8 Malay/Japanese Kisike Shibasaki Da 5 Malay/Japanese Isie Shibasaki So 1 Malay/Japanese (Staying) Jaina Dalla Eleanor Solomon W 32 Malay strain. Husband Henry Solomon working T.I. Diana Charlotte Solomon Da 6 Malay strain Serrie Janice Solomon Da 3 Malay strain Elizabeth Adelaide Solomon Da 1 Malay strain (To go to sister Mrs Sarieman) Theresa Woodhead W 40 SSI/Island. Husband Henry Woodhead working T.I. 7 months pregnant. May Woodhead Da 23 SSI/European Etta Woodhead Da 21 SSI/European Roy Woodhead So 14 SSI/European George Woodhead So 11 SSI/European Frederick Woodhead So 7 SSI/European Iris Woodhead Da 2 SSI/European (In Brisbane) Charlie Yankee 80 Cingalee. Single. To Palm Island Philomena 55 Filipino. Single. Went to friends at Rose Bay, Townsville List of Free Coloured Evacuees from Thursday island ex "Goodwill" and "Brittha" Name Reln Age Caste Paolos Annidlah H 35 Malay (Indent) Possa Annidlah W 34 Malay strain Samuel Lewin So 16 Malay strain Eveness Lewin Da 14 Malay strain Selonah Lewin Da 12 Malay strain Robert Annidlah So 2 Malay strain. (Possa in the mother of the Lewin children) Anima Ah Mat M 50 Malay/Island. Widow Budden Ah Mat So 16 Malay/Island Audrey Ah Mat Da 11 Malay/Island Ah Mat Bargo H 51 Malay (Indent) Raima Bargo W 38 Malay strain Clossom Bargo Da 17 Malay strain Sanoam Bargo Da 8 Malay strain Myal Bargo So 14 Malay strain Talop Bargo So 6 Malay strain Dyan Bargo So 4 Malay strain Annie Ah Wang 63 Malay strain. Old age pensioner Jafar Ah Wang H 40 Malay strain Sennillie Ah Wang W 37 Samoan strain Annie Ah Wang Da 13 Samoan/Malay May Ah Wang Da 13 Samoan/Malay Wanda Ah Wang Da 10 Samoan/Malay Dorothy Ah Wang Da 8 Samoan/Malay Arthur Ah Wang So 5 Samoan/Malay Paul Ah Wang So 5 Samoan/Malay Agnes Ah Wang Da 3 Samoan/Malay Ernest Ah Wang So 1 Samoan/Malay Tom Ah Wang So 19 In Cairns Hospital. To come to Cherbourg. Sait Barba H 51 Malay strain Marian Barba W 49 Malay strain. 24 weeks pregnant Lear Barba Da 23 Malay strain Moressa Barba Da 13 Malay strain Emily Barba Da 10 Malay strain Marie Barba Da 4 Malay strain Hussen Barba So 6 Malay strain Rhonda Barba Ch 5 Malay strain. Daughter of Lear. Marmie Barba Ch 2 Malay strain. Daughter of Lear. Josiah Berloah H 40 Malay strain Resma Berloah W 26 Malay strain Margie Berloah Da 11 Malay strain Marcella Berloah Da 9 Malay strain Lariah Berloah Da 6 Malay strain Jeffrey Harnon Berloah So 3 Malay strain Lass Mintan Cowley M 42 Malay strain. Widow May Cowley Da 4 Malay strain Olie Dewis or Olie Daybees or William Davis 49 Malay Indent Living apart from his wife. Johanna Gertrude Dewis Da 21 Malay strain Parthy Moressa Dewis Da 16 Malay strain John Arthur Dewis So 14 Malay strain Barnabas Maposa Dewis So 12 Malay strain David Michael Dewis So 10 Malay strain George Hendrick Dewis So 6 Malay strain Edgar Edward Dewis So 4 Malay strain Richard Doolah 86 Malay. Widower Bora Bin Juda H 43 Malay Indent. Majora Bin Juda W 38 Malay strain Charlie Bin Juda So 17 Malay strain Saliman Bin Juda So 13 Malay strain Ella Bin Juda Da 20 Malay strain Agnes Bin Juda Da 18 Murray Islander. Adopted. Unmoopa Koos H 37 Malay Maria Koos W 21 Malay strain. 2 months pregnant Joy Koos Da 1 Malay strain Victor Motlop H 23 SSI strain Leila Motlop W 21 H/C SSI. No children. Asa Newman 22 Malay strain. Husband Patrick Newman in Militia at T.I. Assan Rassip H 64 Malay Sity rassip W 58 Malay strain Bathear Rassip Da 20 Malay strain Hanoam Rassip Da 17 Malay strain Salamah Rassip Da 16 Malay strain Abdul Rassip So 13 Malay strain Heatem Rassip Da 11 Malay strain Seamah Rassip Da 8 Malay strain Nimin Rassip So 9 Malay strain Jaiyah Rassip So 7 Malay strain Mona Rassip Da 3m Malay strain Minah Seden W 43 Malay strain. Living apart from husband Singapore Seden although he is with the party. Mother of Jane who has been taken over by Mareja Bin Juda. Jane Seden Da 15 Malay strain Singapore Seden H 65 Malay strain. Living apart from wife Minah Seden although he is with the party. Sophia Takai M 28 Malay strain. Widow Coah Gaiya Takai Da 8 Malay/Japanese Iwao Takai So 5 Malay/Japanese Misako Takai Da 3 Malay/Japanese Johnnie Moyden H 49 Indian/Aborigine Carrie Moyden W 39 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine Gertrude Moyden Da 9 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine Dulcie Moyden Da 11 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine Kathleen Moyden Da 14 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine Irene Moyden Da 18 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine Winnie Ah Wang W 26 Indian/Halfcaste Aborigine. Mother is Carrie Moyden. Husband is Abdul Ah Wang in the Militia at Thursday Island. John Ah Wang So 7 Indian/Malay strain Evacuees from New Guinea and Thursday Island, ex "Katoora" at Cairns 28th February 1942 Coloured Persons Name Born Lass Ah Boo 28. 2.1883 Thursday Island Almira Ah Boo 28. 7.1903 Thursday Island Betty Ah Boo .1936 Thursday Island Assan Ah Boo Malacca Mudget Ah Boo .1938 Thursday Island Sandy Ah Boo .1915 Red Island Joy Ah Boo .1940 Thursday Island Harry Ah Mat Batavia Jias Ah Mat 13. 5.1898 Jervis Island Mercy Ah Mat Red Island Lilian Ah Mat 17. 6.1939 Thursday Island Julia Ah Mat .1929 Thursday Island Portia Ah Mat .1931 Thursday Island Aroe (Ero) Java Saia Hassan Bin Awel Badu, Thursday Island Hagija Bin Awel .1927 Thursday Island Mariam Bin Awel .1928 Thursday Island Abdulla Bin Awel .1931 Thursday Island Abdul Kerem Bin Awel .1934 Thursday Island Omar Bin Awel .1939 Thursday Island Hassan Bin Awel .1893 Ambon Suberia Bin Tahal 22. 8.1920 Thursday Island Brian Bin Tahal 24.10.1937 Thursday Island Schat Bin Tahal 5. 6.1940 Thursday Island Wahap Bin Tahal .1914 Singapore Ali Ben Dol .1903 Java Louisa Constance Burke 18. 1.1906 Mapoon Mission Walter Paul Burke .1934 Dorsena Bin Garape .1904 Badu Island Mial Bin Garape .1933 Thursday Island Sariba Bin Garape .1941 Thursday Island Bessie Chin Soon 16. 1.1916 Thursday Island Louisa Gallard .1893 Torres Straits Stephen Gallard In Hospital Crossed out are the following two people William Gallard .1930 Thursday Island Henry Gallard .1930 Thursday Island Rona Bin Gapor 14. 3.1907 Thursday Island Sally Bin Gapor .1928 Thursday Island Ah Mat Bin Gapor .1930 Thursday Island Hassan Bin Gapor .1931 Thursday Island (In Hospital) City Bin Gapor .1933 Thursday Island Saheapa Bin Gapor .1934 Thursday Island Noor Bin Gapor .1937 Thursday Island Jean Bin Gapor .1940 Thursday Island Diana Hodges .1872 Cocoanut Island Ali Kay .1904 Torres Straits Charlotte Lee 11.11.1891 Thursday Island Amy Lee .1930 Thursday Island Alice Lee .1932 Thursday Island Gertrude Lee .1930 Thursday Island Moira Lee .1938 Thursday Island Gertrude Loban 14.12.1893 Thursday Island Jean Loban . 7.1926 Thursday Island Joan Loban 18. 8.1932 Thursday Island Mary Malay Thursday Island Mahamut Surbedein Malay 9.10.1928 Thursday Island Rita Mallie Darnley Island Stephen Mallie Amoy Mallie .1938 Sarah Mallie 21. 1.1915 Thursday Island Taleta Mallie 21. 8.1916 Thursday Island Henry Mallie William Mallie John Moyden Thursday Island Abdulla Bin Mahomet Salled Malay Mary Seden 12. 5.1893 Thursday Island Brian Seden .1933 Thursday Island Kathleen Seden .1939 Thursday Island Summah Seden 6.10.1913 Thursday Island George Seden .1933 Thursday Island Mary Seden 4 yrs old Thursday Island Loraine Seden 1 yr old Thursday Island Jean Shibasaki 15.11.1908 Horn Island Jamal Shibasaki 4. 5.1927 Horn Island Hismile Shibasaki .1931 Horn Island Noina Shibasaki .1932 Horn Island Myoko Shibasaki .1935 Horn Island Hisiko Shibasaki .1937 Horn Island Isio Shibasaki .1941 Horn Island Jaina Dalla Solomon .1910 Thursday Island Diana Charlotte Solomon .1936 Thursday Island Serrie Janice Solomon .1939 Thursday Island Elizabeth Adelaide Solomon .1941 Thursday Island Mrs Jaila Thompson 25. 8.1912 Thursday Island Etta Woodhead 26. 8.1921 Thursday Island May Woodhead 30. 5.1919 Thursday Island Theresa Woodhead 40 yrs old Thursday Island Roy Woodhead 14 yrs old Thursday Island George Woodhead 11 yrs old Thursday Island Frederick Woodhead 7 yrs old Thursday Island Iris Woodhead 2 yrs old Thursday Island Charlie Yankee 80 yrs old (Ib Hospital) Philomena B Europeans Name From Born Roderick Sinclair Bruce Thursday Island 54 yrs old Drancis Luckman Burke New Guinea 20. 5.1917 Sydney, NSW Harry Carr New Guinea 29. 7.1908 Burwood, NSW Edwin Harold Chester New Guinea 29. 7.1894 Highgate, London Nestor McEwen Elliott New Guinea 2.10.1910 Gorcona, Panama J J Gilmore New Guinea .1893 England Mr Mason New Guinea Travelling privately Alan Francis Thompson New Guinea 11.12.1913 Annandale, NSW Ellis James Turner New Guinea Broadwater, NSW Ernest Weston Thursday Island 13. 6.1876 Shropshire