Correspondence - English and Lyons Streets Reserves, Cairns

Director of Native Affairs Miscellaneous Items 1935 - 1966 Item ID 717735 Previous System Location A/58891; SRS4356/1/889 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1997 1953/5058 Reserves Cairns Correspondence related to English and Lyons Streets Reserves, Cairns Letter dated 6. 9.1946 lists natives in the Edmonton area with details of their bank accounts. Albert Yourembe A-67, single Annie Butler A-70, married to an exempt man Annie Sangarra A-71 Billy Herberton B-264 Bluey Collinson B-104 George Bacon G-54 Ivy Bacon I-18, wife of George Bacon George Gaynee G-55, single George Weneby G-57, single Harry Mungallala H-46 Ida Cameron (or Burnett) I-8 Willie Burnett W-51, husband of Ida Cameron. They have 2 children. Maggie Sue See M-317 Willie Sue See W-151 Hazel Sue See H-154 Paddy Roberts P-297, exemption applied for Rosina R-33 Sailor Butler S-163, exempt Tommy Nimbee T-95 Walter W-147, member of Sue See family above Letter dated 29. 9.1952 listing people at huts in Lyons Street Reserve, Cairns Hut 1 Willie Rodgers, known as Rowdy Rodgers. Wife is Stella Rodgers, who has been at Palm Island for many years Peter Brown, old man Jerry Bardon, elderly, at Palm Island until 3 years ago when he received permission to move to Cairns to live with his relatives George and Joyce Skeen. He is kept by them. Hut 2 George Skeen and Joyce Skeen and their 2 children. Joyce's proper name is Joyce Winifred Andrews. She is not married to George Skeen. Hut 3 Harry Skeen and his wife Topsy Skeen. Hut 4 Broncho Seymour and his wife Charlotte Seymour. Broncho is an old man. Charlotte is in Cairns Hospital.