Marriage Application Correspondence 1922

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications
      Item ID ITM336461
      Previous System Location A/58770; RSI14961/1/475; A1 Item ID 336461 
      Description Marriages 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1922 
      End Date Circa 31/12/1922
      Access Category Open
      Queensland State Archives

      1.  Charlie Mow                        Molly Santo

      R   Innisfail                          Innisfail
      A   24 yrs                             18 yrs
      B   Pacific Islands
      F   SSI                                Kanaka
      M   Aborigine                          SSI
      Married  4.12.1922 Innisfail

      2.  Dick Dunbar                        Molly

      A                                      19 yrs
      B                                      Croydon
      Married 14.11.1922 Croydon

      N.B. Dick got an Exemption about 1919. Molly is pregnant
      but child does not belong to Dick.

      3.  Joe Hegarty                        May Lee

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   22 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Ayr                                Emerald
      F   Peter Hegarty            
      M   Jinnie Hegarty
      Married 25.10.1922 Barambah C of E

      4.  Amoy                               Flora Rose Sela (Sailor)
      R   Darnley Is                         Darnley Is
      A                                      13. 3.1905
      F                                      Sela Sailor
      M                                      Mrs Sailor
      Married  2.10.1922 Darnley Island

      N.B. Flora has a sister named Mary Ann.
      Sela Sailor is in the Peel Island Lazarette.

      5.  Donald Davidson                    Lizzie Davidson

      Marriage to take place 25.10.1922 at Purga

      6.  Reggie Bundai                      Lucy Wombi

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Widow
      A   21 yrs                             ?30 yrs
      B                                      Jericho
      F   Jack Bundai                        ---- Holland
      M   Topsy                              Mary Ann
      Married 14.10.1922 Barambah Methodist

      7.  Percy Queary                       Agnes Roberts

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   21 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Goondiwindi                        Stradbroke Island
      F   Fred Queary                        John Roberts
      M   Mary Ann Myers                     Lily Lyon
      Married 14.10.1922 Barambah Methodist

      8.  Jack Johnson                       Connie Doctor

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   21 yrs                             23 yrs
      B   Coen                               St George
      F   Bill Johnson                       Jimmy Doctor
      M   Jennie                             Fanny
      Married 14.10.1922 Barambah Methodist

      9.  Bruce Walker                       Lena French

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   23 yrs                             26 yrs
      B   Mitchell                           Comet
      F   Walker                             George Ambrook
      M                                      Annie French
      Married  7.10.1922 Barambah C of E

      10. Frank Monkhouse                    F/B Aborigine

      R   Rocklands Stn, Camooweal
      A   24 yrs in 1918
      F   Swedish
      M   Aborigine
      Want to marry 1922 Camooweal

      N.B. Frank got an Exemption in 1919. He wanted to marry
      but decided against it. His parents were not legally

      11. Alfred Gadd                        Carrie

      A   30 yrs
      Marriage approved 1922 Springsure.

      N.B. Alfred had an Exemption Certificate.

      12. Harry Albert                       Marjorie Cootchie

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   22 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Mitchell                           Gayndah
      F   Billy Albert                       Frank Cootchie
      M   Lucy                               Mary Mi Mi
      Married  7. 9.1922 Barambah Methodist

      13. Bertie Tobane                      Katie Walsh

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   22 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Roma                               Hawkwood, Gayndah
      F   Billy Tobane                       John Brennan
      M   Janie Darlow                       Bella Cooper
      Married  7. 9.1922 Barambah Methodist

      14. Arthur Blucher                     Charlotte Lena

      R   Mossman                            Mossman
      Married 23. 8.1922 Mossman

      N.B. Charlotte pregnant. Child not Arthurs.
      Charlotte used to be at Yarrabah. Absconded 1921.
      Also mentions Minnie Christy of Yarrabah and Sarah of 
      When they absconded Sarah and Harry went to Mt Molloy,
      while Minnie and Charlotte went with Spider to Mossman.
      15. Donkey aka Donkey Perdy            Topsy

      A   Old in 1920
      Treated as man and wife.

      N.B. Donkey died 5.11.1920 in Rockhampton Hospital.
      Removal Order Emerald to Barambah 6. 7.1920 for
      Donkey and Topsy.
      Topsy has a daughter Alice.

      16. Jaro                               Topsy

      C                                      Widow of Donkey
      Stated to be married in 1922 Barambah

      17. Louis Lammon                       Emily Motlop

      A   26 yrs
      B   Herbert River
      F   Kanaka                             Kanaka (dec)
      M   Kanaka                             Aborigine
      Married 15. 8.1922 Innisfail Salvation Army

      N.B. Emily's mother at Ninna Creek, Innisfail.

      18. Oscar Wallace                      Topsy Lovell

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   29 yrs                             26 yrs
      B   Winton                             Banksie, Yaamba
      F   George Wallace                     Tommy Lovell
      M   Rosy Brown                         Mary
      Married  3. 8.1922 Barambah Methodist

      19. Alfred Newman                      Ethel Wightman

      R                                      Tallwood
      A                                      20 yrs
      B                                      Whalan, NSW
      Married 22. 7.1922 Goondiwindi

      N.B. Alfred is white. Ethel was in Euraba Mission, NSW
      until she was 14 years old.

      20. Jimmy Noild                        Flora

      R   Emu Plains Stn, Bowen              Emu Plains Stn, Bowen
      A   45 yrs                             40 yrs
      B   Kanaka
      Permission to marry granted 1922 Bowen

      N.B. Flora's previous husband Peter died about 6 years
      ago. They had a girl now 7 years old. 
      Flora and Jimmy have lived together for about 4 years
      and have a male child about 3 years old.

      21. Paul B Down                        Annie Level

      R   Nambour
      Seek permission to marry 1922 Brisbane

      N.B. also mentions
      Anthony Martin Fernando
      Micky Smith

      22. Niney McDonald                     Eileen Edwards

      R   Adavale
      Seek permission to marry 1922 Adavale. Put off till a
      later date by Niney.

      23. Albert Driscoll                    Kittie Jamieson (Spider)

      R   Tambourine                         Ormiston
      Are married 1922

      24.                                    Topsy Lovell

      A                                      23-24 yrs
      B                                      Yaamba
      Request to marry 1922 Barambah

      N.B. Request removal to Barambah 1922. Also mentions
      Thomas Coogan from Tambo.

      25. Sunny Sunflower                    Janey

      Barambah 1922. Sunny wants to leave Janey.

      26. Jacopita Sam                       Ambrosia Galora

      B                                      Badu Island
      F   Filipina man
      M   Aborigine
      Married 26. 5.1922 Thursday Island

      N.B. Ambrosia's sister is Mrs Ah Mat.

      27. John Daniel                        Sana (Sanna)

      R   Thursday Island
      A   50 yrs                             20 yrs
      B   SSI                                Small River
      Permission to marry denied 1922 Thursday Island

      N.B. Also mentions James Hobom, SSI.

      28. William Rodgers                    Clara Lawrence

      R   Crystal Brook Stn, Almaden         Chillagoe
      F   White
      M   Aborigine
      Permission to marry denied 1922 Almaden

      29. Yarrie Linedale                    Katie Ah See

      R   Brisbane                           Coominya
      A                                      19 yrs
      B                                      Taroom
      F                                      John Ah See (Assee)
      M                                      Maggie McLain
      Married sometime 1922 Brisbane

      N.B. John Ah See is Chinese.
      Maggie also known as Maggie Pauline.

      30. Baidam                             Unnamed

      C                                      Widow
      B   New Guinea                         Murray Island
      Permission to marry denied 1922 Thursday Island

      N.B. Female has a child aged 3 years.

      31. Harold Townson                     Genai

      F                                      Kebesu

      N.B. Letter dated 17. 1.1921 from Saibai Island. 
      Harold and Genai were married some 20 years ago. Harold died
      some 10 years ago at Dauan leaving 3 children namely
      Guy Townson, now 19 years
      Mary Townson, now 17 years
      Bessie Townson, now 12 years.
      Maternal uncle of the children is Ibuai.
      Genai died a few months ago.

      32.                                    Mary Towson

      A                                      17 yrs in 1921
      F                                      Harold Towson
      M                                      Genai
      Wants to marry 1922 Thursday Island.

      N.B. Also mentions Mosby family.

      33. Jim Fisher                         Dolly Saunders

      R   Taroom
      A                                      18 yrs
      F                                      Albert Saunders
      M                                      Topsy
      Seek permission to marry 1922 Taroom

      34. James Lynett                       Leila Smith

      B   East India
      Married  4. 3.1922 Cunnamulla

      N.B. Lived together for 10 years and have 4 children.
      Eldest child is Dinah.

      35. Mick Smith                         Annie Level

      Permission to marry denied 1922 Maroochydore

      36. William Bert Brown                 Daisy Malone

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Widow
      A   22 yrs                             27 yrs
      B   Kilkivan                           Gayndah
      F   Willy Brown                        Quicksilver
      M   Ettie
      Married 10. 2.1922 Barambah Methodist

      37. George Reid                        Sadie Johnston

      Want to marry 1922 Charters Towers

      N.B. George at Bluff Downs Station in 1912.
      George exempted in 1912. Exemption revoked 1921.

      38. Charles Johnston                   Sadie

      Married 30.11.1906 Charters Towers

      N.B. Sadie left her husband in 1912 and has been living
      with George Reid ever since.

      39. Willie                             Annie

      R   Koolatah Stn
      Want to marry 1922 Mitchell River Mission

      N.B. Annie from Lochnager Stn to Mitchell River