Queensland Exemption Correspondence 1919 - 1920

Chief Protector of Aborigines Exemption Correspondence Item ITM336334 Start Date 01/01/1919 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1919 (approximate) Access Status Open Previous System Identifiers A/58732; RSI14961/1/348; A1 Item ID 336334 Item ITM336335 Start Date 31/ 1/1920 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1920 (approximate) Access Status Open Previous System Identifiers A/58732; RSI14961/1/349; A1 Item ID 336335 19/4863 James (Jack) Noble of Goondiwindi 19/5073 Nelson Colliss, Inverleigh Stn via Normanton 20/83 Adam Hopkins ) Edward Hopkins ) Kumbia District William Hopkins ) 20/112 Minnie Anderson, born Strathmore Stn 20/186 Murphy Walsh, born Auburn, Queensland 20/331 Duke White of Rio Stn 20/465 John Lee of Camooweal, served in WW1 20/466 Willie Anderson of Rose Bay, Townsville, born Georgetown 20/584 Henry Combarngo of Taroom, born Surat 20/652 Thomas Ah Fat, born Normanton 20/775 Thomas Murray, St George 20/859 John Simpson of Eidsvold, born Mary River, had son who served in WW1 20/862 Joe Fisher of the Daintree River 20/898 Tommy Miller, Lancelot (Herberton Protectorate) 20/932 Lucy Costello of Tilboroo Station 20/1000 John Green of Urandangie 20/1001 Thomas Gruibarra of Mossman 20/1030 Searriaco Ravina of Mossman 20/1050 Percy Edwards of Hungerford 20/1500 Thomas Simpson of Lawson via Wondai 20/1539 Valentine Mingo of Kynuna 20/1649 Harry Lawson of Urandangie 20/1656 Jack Kearns, served as a Private in the 11th Light Horse, No 2431 20/1846 Walter Scott of Normanton 20/2064 Dorah Guyah of West Cairns Lizzie Kearns of Sherwood James Noble 20/2088 Satanie Nocholas of Mossman Joe Fisher 20/2195 Johnny Moldarah of Mossman 20/2330 Jack Bond, Maryborough 20/2375 Lucy Hayes, born Normanton 20/2703 Victor Parker of Gilbert River 20/2822 Albert Hagan of Toom Pine, Thargomindah Protectorate 20/2695 Tom Smith of Mitchell, returned soldier, enlisted May 1917 20/2323 William Dempsey of Yelvertoft Stn 20/3239 Otto Davis of Kenilworth 20/3119 Timmie and Leslie Albury, sons of Albert Albury of Rolleston 20/3301 Joseph Scrutton of Turn Off Lagoon 20/3334 Eva Pickles Ada Baker, Mt Surprise Protectorate 20/3473 Johnny Cake of Pine Creek, Gordonvale Protectorate 20/3474 Thomas (Tommy) Murray, St George 20/3476 Mick Ambrym of Kairi, Atherton 20/3477 Rosie Obah, West End Cairns 20/3478 Frank Burdekin of Hillgrove, Charters Towers Protectorate Brother to Frank, Willie and Ernest Burdekin 20/3564 William Newman of Walgra Stn 20/3751 Maudie, living with the Cumming family, Yaamba 20/3811 Dalby Barry of Croydon 20/3950 Alick Woodley of Normanton 20/3952 William Joubert Barry of King's Plains Station