Assorted Correspondence Wondai 1955 - 1963

      Director of Native Affairs Office
      Health and Home Affairs Batch Files 1939 - 1966
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      Correspondence dated 1955 - 1963 Country Housing Wondai

      Letter dated 23. 6.1955 Aborigines at Wondai
      Natives residing and/or working at Wondai are
      Albert Prince, works Wondai Monday to Friday, at Cherbourg on
        weekends, family resides at Cherbourg
      Norman Brown, works Wondai Monday to Friday, at Cherbourg on
        weekends, family resides at Cherbourg
      Peter Stanley, lives at Wondai, exempt
      Hector Wallace, lives with Peter Stanley, exempt
      Henry Willoughby, exempt, Wondai Monday to Friday, weekends at
        Nanango with wife and family
      Alf Blackman, never been under the Act
      Peter Bird
      Bowman Johnson, lives at Nanango, exempt 1954

      The following families have moved away from Wondai
      Frank Fisher, exempt 1954, family gone to Eidsvold,
        wife died March 1955
      Willie Blackman, gone to Nanango, not an Aborigine under the 
        meaning of the Act
      Ted Donas, exempt 1948, at Yarraman
      Willie Fisher, exempt, at Ipswich
      George Conlon, exempt 1947
      Charlie Hill, at Kingaroy, exempt

      Also mentions George Bell, exempt 1954

      Letter dated 21.10.1961 about housing for the following families
      at Wondai
      Richard Sandow, 29 yrs, wife 27 yrs, 4 children 1 - 7 yrs
      Hector Wallace, 35 yrs, wife 25 yrs, 3 children 2-6 yrs
      Ted Donas, married, 7 children 5 - 21 yrs

      Correspondence dated 1961 Fantome Island
      Complaint by Eric Gyemore

      Mentions the following people at Fantome Island
      Eric Gyemore, born 8. 5.1926, married 23. 8.1948 to Teresa Cummins.
        Admitted Fantome Island 1957. Exemption No 62/50
      Theresa Casper
      Constance Walker