Assorted Correspondence Pialba and Caloundra 1938

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Miscellaneous Items 1897 - 1939
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      Notes on coloured families inspected by the Chief Protector
      of Aboriginals at Pialba, November 1938

      Dick Brown 3/4C, widower with 4 children, 3 boys 17, 16, 10 yrs
        and one girl 8 yrs
      Hetty (Dick Brown's mother) H/C

      Harry Davis H/C
      Annie Obar (Davis's wife) (Pacific Islander)

      Fred Davis H/C
      Elizabeth Davis (Fred's wife) (Pacific Islander)
      They have 11 children, 1 married, 3 boys working, 1 girl working.
      One girl, 21 yrs, married to a Pacific Island boy named Tanna.

      George Washing, native of Solomon Islands

      Arthur House and Grace, both H/C

      Roger Bennett F/B

      Fred Ross H/C, wife 3/4C, 7 children
      May Ross (daughter of Fred), works in Brisbane
      Irene Ross (daughter of Fred), works in Brisbane

      Albert Peters, father of Gordon Peters

      Gordon Peters H/C, wife quadroon, 3 children, one at school

      Ernie Barney H/C White/SSI, wife quadroon, 2 children
      Charlie Warnes, quadroon, father 3/4C, mother white
      Madge Bernabas (Charlie's wife), once of Cherbourg
      Four children, girl 5 yrs, boy 4 yrs, boy 19 months, boy 5 weeks.

      Horace Reeves (otherwise Wandana), H/C, father F/B, mother white
      H/C named Mitchell, 4 children

      Ben Tokon (Pacific Islander)

      Maggie Attill SSI, 2 illegitimate children, one H/C European,
      one Pacific Islander.Lives in same house as Johnny Anbring, an
      old Pacific Islander.

      Mrs. Charles H/C, widow of a Pacific Islander

      Sam Umai, native of Malayta, friend of Ben Tokon

      Joe Ippy SSI, native of New Hebrides

      Harry Hoggie, native of Santos Island, New Hebrides

      Tom Lockley, native of Sandwich Island

      John Lackon, native of Lacona Island

      Tom Levi, native of Santos Island

      Charlie Tabie Ambryn, native of New Hebrides

      Harry Tanna, native of Pentecost Island, New Hebrides

      Johnnie Gala (father of Topsy Gala, Emily Gala and Ivy Gala
      in Cherbourg). Widower for 4 years.

      Rebecca Gala (nee Bowda), wife of Ben Gala, from Nambour.
      Pacific Island Aboriginal.

      Krotandi SSI

      Darby SSI, wife Islander, big family

      Notes on coloured families inspected by the Chief Protector
      of Aboriginals at Caloundra, November 1938

      Dick Dalton H/C, wife, both old age pensioners

      Tom Dalton and wife, both H/C

      Horace Dalton and his wife Lizzie Kearns, both H/C, have children

      Notes on coloured families inspected by the Chief Protector
      of Aboriginals at Bundaberg, November 1938

      Mrs. Klotz H/C, husband white, family of quadroons, not subject
      to the Act

      Mrs. Blackman, quadroon,  wife of Victor Blackman who deserted
      her 8 years ago. daughter aged 11 years and a grandchild aged 3 years.
      Alick Broom H/C
      Kate Broom (Alick's wife)
      They have 5 children, three grown up aged 20, 19, 16 years and
      a boy of 14 yrs and a grl of 9 years.

      Arnold Geary (from Beaudesert) H/C aged 17 years

      Stan Tirrie (from West Bundaberg) H/C aged 17 years

      Tom Johnson H/C, wife quadroon, 9 children

      Arthur Conaly (originally from Mt. Isa) H/C, father white,
      mother F/B. Another brother in Maynards Camp, Rockhampton.

      Jackie Alberts H/C, wife and 2 children

      Andrew Brown H/C, wife and family

      Kate Broom H/C, single woman with 2 children aged
      6 years and 2 years.

      Johnnie Broom H/C, aged