Assorted Correspondence 1915 - 1941

      Director of Native Affairs
      Miscellaneous items 1915 - 1941         
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      Folder marked 1915 - 1941 Assorted Correspondence

      12. 3.1934 Flo Kemp wants to go to Woorabinda from Cherbourg

       4. 1.1921 Transfer account of Annie, recently removed to 
      Palm Island, to Palm Island

      Undated two damaged sheets listing bank account details Cairns
      for the following

      --ankel Whamino
      -illy Winhano
      Paddy Quala
      Tommy Boogan
      Baer Born Bino
      Jimmy Ladboy
      Mick Ambry
      Charlie Toogil
      Tommy Kaddie
      Jimmy Bungalu
      Toby Quinbee
      Kolla Bugga Willie
      Jacky Melina
      Billy Mimmy
      Nipper Meriya
      Micky Buttery
      Jimmy Marungilla
      Micky Murphy
      Tommy Boogooroo
      Rei Boo
      Jimmy Gooligan
      Jack Tookerow
      Jimmy Yarandah
      Sam Johnson
      Willie Waringer
      Jacky Millar
      Willie Watchaby
      Jacky Merrinya
      Sandy Turikee
      Tommy Timberoo
      Charlie Niper
      Billy Howan
      Jack O'Donnell
      Jimmy Foopoola
      Jimmy Jennings
      Peter Putana
      Jimmy Nerimba
      Jimmy Mungan
      Albert Mumbel
      Billy Barnett
      Toby Woogaroo
      Jimmy Yatchie
      Tom Bayan
      Jacky Jummuba
      Johnny Amulla
      Spider Nangana
      Jimmy Joanbi
      Willie Piccarie
      Tommy Moochin
      Johnny Puttam
      Jimmy Jerranga
      Jose Myra
      Toby Wissu
      Jacky Atherton
      Charlie Trugman
      Micky Unby
      George Mitchell
      Toby Mungana
      Billy Murkum
      Charlie Pia
      Charlie Konkabil
      Jacky Darby
      Maggie Murchin
      Toby Quimbar
      Micky Nothing
      Paddy Donkinen
      Toby Joir
      Billy Cookoburry
      Charles Nurribey
      Johnny Brown
      Davey Naragun
      Paddy Kookalum
      William Yamba
      Pompie Tucker
      Nellie Toby
      Toby Bangan
      Barney Junkin
      Charlie Morgina
      Jacky Jugral
      Jimmy Yarranga
      Billy Blood
      Maggie Bunbam
      Peter Moran
      Tom McKenzie
      Davey Wambo
      Jimmy Merriro
      Captain Dard
      Paddy Dao
      Paddy Ogon
      Alic Wongibi
      Joe Mickinyun
      Billy Yango
      Jimmy Wirreoo
      Tommy Murchin
      Dan Wooribondi
      Tommy Toogood
      George Barraby
      Mick Birdwood

      28. 6.1924 Recognizance for Narrow Johnny to be returned from
      Julia Creek to Normanton.

       9. 5.1934 Mona Morris of Cherbourg is working at Longreach

       4.10.1922 Mickie and Louisa of Winton do not want to go to a
      settlement. Both are nearly 70 years old.

      26. 3.1941 Cooktown. Nellie has moved from Shiptons Flat to 
      Bloomfield. Has no desire to go to Palm Island to join
      Jerry Dugong. Natives say Jerry Dugong is the father of Nellie's
      three children.

       8.10.1915 Florrie Sandy H/C appears on the Protectors lists
      at Maryborough.

       8. 9.1921 Destitute Aboriginal woman Kira at Glengyle Stn,
      Birdsville. Husband was Combo who died 30.10.1920.

       3. 1.1921 Removal order from Townsville to Palm Island
      for Annie.

      17. 7.1920 Recognizance for Emily to be returned from Palmwoods
      to Springsure.

      Protector of Aborigines, Laura

      Withdrawl sheets for November 1935 list the following names
      Nelson N-67
      Tommy Lilly T-116
      Mary and Hazel, wife and child of Echo E-34
      Trooper Harry T-119
      Koolburra Bob K-21
      Jacky Lawyer J-186
      Nicholas N-68
      Johnnie J-97
      Jerry Koolburra J-188
      Walter W-66
      Peter P-82
      Jimmy Woods J-228
      Cronjie C-89
      Hector H-58
      Bobby Kenny B-114
      Toby Thompson T-115
      Tommy Pelen T-117
      George One Eye G-64
      Frank & Nellie mother and father of George One Eye G-64
      Michael, his gin Maudie M-127
      Deaths 1927 - 1932

      16. 3.1932 Croydon. Female Aboriginal child Bella, about 5 years old,
      died 15. 3.1932 at the Native Camp at Croydon. Father is George and
      mother is Hannah. Buried in the local Native Cemetery.

      28.11.1931 Gordonvale. Aged Aborigine Frank died 16.11.1931 at

       1. 9.1931 Clermont. Polly McKinlay, wife of James McKinlay, died
      at Peak Downs Hospital, Clermont on 30. 8.1931. Buried in
      Clermont Cemetery.

      24. 7.1931 Gregory Downs. Male Aboriginal child aged 5 months died
      at the Gregory Downs Blacks Quarters on 21. 7.1931. father is Jerry
      and mother is Kitty.

      29. 5.1931 Burketown. George Samardin, H/C Aboriginal infant,
      aged 3 months and 18 days died 26. 5.1931 at Burketown. Father
      is Eric Samardin, exempt. Mother is a 16 year old H/C, her father
      being a Chinaman and her mother a F/B. Eric's father is Javanese
      and his mother a F/B.

       9. 5.1931 Mareeba. Expenses for burial of Aboriginal child 
      Muriel Matheson 

      25. 2.1931 Gordonvale. Aged Aborigine named Old Man Jack,
      approximately 70 years old, died 22. 2.1931 at the Riverstone Camp,

      27. 1.1931 Mt Mulligan. Aboriginal gin Maggie died 27. 1.1931 at
      the Aboriginals Camp. Husband was Billy Salute
      Also mentions 
      Billy Richards
      Buried in a burial ground where other Aborigines are buried about
      1/4 mile from the camp.

       5. 1.1931 Burketown. Male H/C Pickaninny named Mitchell, about 
      5 years old, died 28.12.1930 at Burketown Hospital

      15. 9.1929 Ingham. Old Aboriginal gin Mary died 28. 8.1929 at
      Murrallimbeen about 9 miles from Ingham. Native of the Ingham
      district and about 80 years old.
       3. 9.1929 Betoota. 
      Fat Kitty died January 1929 at Jundah Hospital.
        Husband was Charlie Bannerman
      Tracker Billy died January 1929 of old age. Gin is Sally who
        is very old.
      Mary Ann died January 1929 of old age.
      Bogey died 27. 8.1929, very old and blind
      Also mentions Moses, very old.

      25. 6.1929 Alpha. Tommy died 18. 6.1929 at Jericho Hospital.
      Buried 19. 6.1929 at Alpha Cemetery.

      23. 1.1928 Cairns. Toby Woodward left Hospital at Thursday Island
      on 27.12.1927 and has not been seen since. Police think he is dead.

      26. 7.1927 Chillagoe. Aged Aborigine Monkey died 25. 7.1927. Also
      mentioned the following who are supposed to have gone to Mt Garnet

      15. 6.1927 Bedourie. Old Aboriginal gin Kitty died 29. 5.1927 at
      Glengyle Stn.

      15. 6.1927 Ayr. Mary Hennaway, aged 8 years. died 10. 6.1927.
      Buried Ayr Cemetery. Mother is a F/B. Brother is Alfred Hennaway.

       6. 4.1927 Cloncurry. May Brodie, infant, was brought from 
      Grenada Stn to Cloncurry Hospital where she died 16. 3.1927.
      Father is Sid Brodie. Mother is Mabel Brodie. May was 11 months old.

      12. 2.1927 Frederick Richard Query, aged 5 months, died in the
      Women's Ward, Dunwich.

      Woorabinda Natives 34/4831

      Mentions the following
      Billy Rookwood of Woorabinda
      Eric Duncan, his nephew, at Cherbourg
      Roman Burke
      Jimmy Edwards