Aboriginals and Half-castes at Blackwater 1908

Home Office In Letters 1909, 9/5597 Item ID 847666 Previous System Location HOM/J47; SRS5263/1/47 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 9.11.1908 Lists unemployed aboriginals and half-castes at Blackwater, Emerald Police District. Name Notes Jackey 45 yrs Polly His gin, 38 yrs Robert His son, 4 yrs All are full blooded aboriginals Blanche H/C, 24 yrs Aggie Her child, H/C, 4 yrs Baby Her child, H/C, 1 yr Lena Aboriginal, 35 yrs Boy Her child, H/C, 8 yrs Eileen Her child, H/C, 5 yrs Mona Her child, H/C, 2 yrs Annie Aboriginal, 41 yrs Aggie Her Child, H/C, 17 yrs Lena Her child, H/C, 14 yrs Polly Aboriginal, 45 yrs Trixie Her child, aboriginal, 22 yrs Freda Her child, H/C, 9 yrs Alice Her child, aboriginal, 20 yrs Arthur Her child, aboriginal, 11 yrs Molly Aboriginal, 20 yrs Monica Aboriginal, 19 yrs Mickey Her child, H/C, 2 yrs Hand-written note - Monica's marriage to a white man named Oram has been approved. See also Q.P.P. 1908 (3/33) - Walter Oram. Sandy Aboriginal, 50 yrs Aggie H/C, 18 yrs Toby Aboriginal, 65 yrs Mick Aboriginal, 44 yrs 4.12.1908 Letter about removal of the following Aboriginals from Blackwater to Barambah. Jackey, Polly and Robert Blanche and Aggie Lena and her three children Annie and Aggie Polly and her four children Molly, Sandy, Aggie, Toby and Mick