New Crown Station 1945 - 1968

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series NTAC1976/5 Item 1963/465 New Crown Station Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2009 6. 1.1945 Inspection of New Crown Station Name Crown S.A. District Abminga S.A. Owner E Colson Manager E Colson This station is mainly situated in S.A.. All employees are drawn from Ernabella or surrounding districts. The language spoken is Luritcha. Mr Colson says the tribe is known as Wongi-Madu. There are 9 males, 8 females, 3 male and 5 female children. A lubra by name Rita has a half caste baby boy, approx 14 months old. The father is said to be a European Railway fettler by name Peter ?. Male employees without dependants are Bobby Tod Morton, single, aged 60 years Big Foot Johnson, single, aged 50 years Wingie Alfie, single, aged 20 years 21.12.1946 Employment of Aboriginals half year ended 31.12.1946 Alfie, stockman, about 30 yrs Ida, wife, about 20 yrs Johnson, stockman, about 40 yrs Pearl, sister, about 20 yrs, Sissie, aunt, about 40 yrs Archie, stockman, about 30 years Mary, wife, about 20 (30 ?)yrs Amy, daughter, about 9 yrs Freddie, son, about 5 yrs Gertie, daughter, about 1 year Pompey, stockman, about 25 yrs Mary, wife, about 25 yrs Yackadie, stockboy, about 12 yrs Ivy, housegirl, about 18 yrs Molly, mother, about 60 yrs Jack ...oan, stockman, about 50 yrs Kitty, wife, about 40 yrs Horace, son, about 13 yrs Lorna, daughter, about 7 yrs 5. 7.1949 Registration of Aboriginals Archie, Aranda, 48 yrs Mary, Luritcha, wife, 30 yrs Lexie, daughter, 5 yrs Boy, son, 2 yrs Baby boy, son, 1/4 yr Maggie, Luritcha, 60 yrs Old Topsy, Luritcha, 60 yrs, husband at Mt Dare S.A. Mary Ann, 70 yrs Dolly, 55 yrs Two out rabbiting New Crown workers Big Bill, stockman Archie, stockman Andy, stockman Cyanide, stockman Yackadie, stockman Eunice H/C, housegirl Nellie, housegirl Rosie, housegirl Undated Employment of Aboriginals Bill, Lurige, 33 yrs, station hand Andie, Lurige, 16 yrs, station hand Cynide, Lurige, 13 yrs, station hand Barnie, Lurige, 14 yrs, station hand 31.12.1949 Employment of Aboriginals Archie, wife Mary, children Emmie, Lexy, Darrol and baby Big Bill, wife Rosie Andie Charlie Cyanide Klennie (male) Johny Hayes, wife Ruby Yackadee (male) 31.12.1950 Employment of Aboriginals Andie Joe Cyanide Archie, children Darrel, Lexie and baby Mary Emmie 31.12.1951 Employment of Aboriginals Archie, wife Mary, children Lexie (8 yrs), Darrol (5 yrs), Arther (3 yrs) Mary, mother of children above Emmie Andie Sandie 30. 6.1951 Employment of Aboriginals 17. 2.1951 - 30. 6.1951 (Does not actually mention New Crown Station, but mentions district Finke) Stanley Doolan, wife Comangee Bill Mingindary, wife Edie, son Tim 2 1/2 yrs 9.10.1951 Inspection of New Crown Station Owner Robert James Smith Manager Robert James Smith Situation 19 miles south east of Finke Siding and township. 33 miles north od Abminga S.A.. The South Australian border is the southern boundary of the holding. Date of Inspection 9-10.10.1951 Employees - Full blood Archie Undralindig, Aranda, 50 yrs, stockman, married Sandy Arbunna, Luritcha, 18 yrs, stockman, single Andy Quean Quean, Luritcha, 18 yrs, stockman, single Big Bill, Luritcham 45 yrs, stockman, married Joe, Luritcha, 13 yrs, stockboy Mary Yaccana, Luritcha, 38 yrs, married Rita Yudjiki, Luritcha, 16 yrs, single Employees - Part Aboriginal Emmie H/C, 16 yrs, domestic Family Groups Archie Undralindig, Aranda, 50 yrs Mary Yaccana, Luritcha, wife, 38 yrs Emmie H/C, about 16 yrs, reared by Archie and Mary from a baby, born at Eringa Station, S.A., father censored from record by NAA, date of birth unknown, education nil, domestic Lexie, 8 yrs, born November 1943 Pedurka S.A. Darrell, 5 yrs, born October 1946 Macumba S.A. Arthur, 2 yrs, born on or about 15. 2.1949 New Crown Deidre, 16 days, born 24. 9.1951 New Crown Aged and Infirm Topsy Uldguda, about 60 yrs, mother of Mary above Judy Jingooma, about 80 yrs, grandmother of Mary above Children Noreen and Lenny, children of Fred and Edie of Finke were staying in the camp for a few days. 14. 9.1954 Report on Emmie and child Emmie has a halfcaste child. Details as follows Emmie, born on or about November 1935 at Eringa S.A. Father Unknown European Mother Mary Yacanna deceased Emmie's daughter is Sandra born 24. 5.1954 at Andado Station father Dean Stephens employed at New Crown Station. Conception occurred when Emmie was a housegirl at New Crown. Dean Stephens admitted he was father and verbally consented to maintain the child. (The record of interview with Emmie is the most censored document I have seen made available by the National Archives.) 14. 9.1955 From Alice Springs to New Crown Gilligan (name has actually been censored) is at present an inmate of Alice Springs Gaol. Has money owing by New Crown Station. 26. 9.1955 From New Crown to Alice Springs Archie is in for medical treatment. 12.10.1955 From Alice Springs to new Crown Mentions Archie Patterson. 20.10.1955 From New Crown to Alice Springs Gilligan was employed by native named Willie Samuels who was a contractor erecting a fence at New Crown. 6. 4.1965 Report on inspection of New Crown Station Most of the aboriginals in the camp were there on holiday and would soon be returning to Oodnadatta. New Crown and Tieyon Stations are both owned by Mr Reg Smith. Stewart Oliver and family recently moved to New Crown from Alice Springs and intend living there permanently. On 19. 2.1965 their son Johnny was drowned in a tank and when the census was taken this family was in Alice Springs. Census of New Crown 21. 3.1965 NB Notes in brackets are written in pencil on the census sheets. European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Notes Douglas Branson Ngala Aranda H M .1917 Stockman (Alice Springs) Ivy Branson Luritja W F .1928 (Oodnadatta) Henry Branson Ch M .1948 Junior stockman Robert Mousen (Housen ?) Ch M .1964 Mother Ivy, father Alec (Oodnadatta) Pannikan Anderson Ngala Aranda F .1894 Tilly Brown F .1917 Domestic Lexie Straight P/C F .1949 (Lexie is being cared for by Tilly. Mother is dead. Father is unknown.) Stewart Oliver Ngala Aranda H M .1916 Stockman Melva Oliver Ngwarai Aranda W F .1934 Maureen (Mary) Mbitjana Aranda Ch F .1953 Alice Mbitjana Aranda Ch F .1958 James Mbitjana Aranda Ch M 18.11.1963 (In Alice Springs. John, born 1959, drowned in tank 2 weeks ago.) Minnie Branson Oogi Luritja F .1904 (Comes from Oodnadatta.) Fred Danji Pultara Aranda H M .1919 Stockman, at Tieyon Edda Danji Kamara Aranda W F .1929 At Tieyon Wintiner Dick Munguda Pultara Aranda H M .1899 Aged Pension received at Oodnadatta Nellie (Millie) Rabera Pitjantjara W F .1921 Ross Aranda Ch M .1953 Audrey Uta Aranda Ch F .1961 Rene Aranda Ch F .1962 (Going back to Oodnadatta.) 18.10.1966 From Alice Springs to DAA Coober Pedy Mentions Old age pensioner Pannikin Anderson of New Crown. 19. 8.1968 From New Crown to Alice Springs Mentions woman Tilly Brown 50 yrs and two part coloured Lexy Strait 19 yrs and Peter Coulthard 2 1/2 yrs. 19. 8.1968 Census of New Crown 19. 8.1968 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Notes Tilly Brown Wid F .1917 Lexy Straight P/C FCh M .1949 Foster child Peter Coulthard P/C Sin M 25.11.1968 From Alice Springs to New Crown Ronnie Allen in Hospital. Needs money. 6.12.1968 From New Crown to Alice Springs Ronnie Allen was never at New Crown. 18.12.1968 From Alice Springs Hospital advises Ronnie Allen died approx 9.12.1968. There is a man known as Alan Simon Jilyara, Aranda, born 1905 and usually at Maryvale recently deceaserd. Hospital may be referring to this man. 8. 7.1969 Census of New Crown 8. 7.1969 No aboriginals present. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________