Ambalindum Station Report 1954 - 1969

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series F1 1968/2132 Claraville Ambalindum Station Report 1954 - 1969 Copyright Paul Mackett 2019 Inspection Report Ambalindum Station 26. 5.1954 Part Aboriginals - Nil Aboriginals - Johnny Kumara Johnny Perula Tommy Kumara No 1 Tommy Kumara No 2 Harry Pultara Finnagan Pultara Fred Panunga Larry Panunga Left Hand Jack Pultara Peter Panunga Mulladad Jack Alec Kumara Billy Pultara Ambalindum Station at 25. 5.1954 Name Group Tribe Born Comments Johnny Kumara Aranda 1909 Four children at present residing at Santa Teresa Bullet Perula Aranda Eileen Perula Aranda Angel Perula Aranda Johnny Perula Aranda Lena Panunga Aranda 1924 Elizabeth Kamura Aranda 1953 Alex Kamura Aranda 1946 Allen Kamura Aranda 1948 Sissy Kamura Aranda 1953 Tommy Kumara Aranda Molly Pultara Aranda 1914 Tommy Kumara Aranda Lennie Punghata Aranda Martin Parula Aranda 1948 Steven Parula Aranda 1946 Mary Parula Aranda 1952 Harry Pultara Aranda Glenda Kumara Aranda 1932 Finnigan Pultara Aranda Maggie Panunga Aranda Isau Fred Panunga Aranda Rosey Parula Aranda Larry Panunga Aranda Judy Parula Aranda Left Hand Jack Pultara Aranda Lucy Kumara Aranda Peter Panunga Aranda 1909 Mulladad Jim Aranda Jenny Panunga Aranda At present Atnarpa Janny Kumara Son of Jenny Alec Kumara Aranda 1928 Billy Pultara Aranda Ambalindum / Claraville Census for 4.10.1963 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Sex Born Alex Cavanagh F/B Kamara Aranda M 1. 5.1946 (Father is Jack Cavanagh, mother is Lena Cavanagh, both not on Register. Stockman.) Aubrey (?Audrey) F/B M .1948 (Stockman.) Jack Bull F/B Aranda M .1893 (Stockman) Nellie F/B Adcardwa Aranda F .1913 (Consort of Jack Bull) NB This sheet is marked 1 of two. The second sheet does not appear in this file. Ambalindum Census for 17.10.1969 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Caste Charlie Chisholm Ngala Anmatjira H M .1938 (From Napperby. Father is Albert, Mbitjana, from Mt Allen. Mother is Molly, Pangata, from Mt Allen. Wife is Carmel Chisholm, at Santa Theresa. Child is Kevin, infant, at Santa Theresa.) Gordon Wallace Pultara Aranda H M .1934 (Born Ross River. Father is Bruce Wallace. Mother is Eliza Wallace. Brother is Douglas Wallace, at Ross River. There are other siblings. Wife is Jacinta Wallace , daughter of Jack Cavanagh (born Ambalindum) and Lena Cavanagh. Wife is now at Santa Theresa.) Jack Cavanagh Purula Aranda H M .1922 (Jack was born at Ambalindum. Parents are both deceased. Alice Springs records he would seem older than this, approximately 1910. Wife is Lena Cavanagh, Pananka, whose father is Crookneck George, Pultara. Child is Elizabeth Cavanagh, at Santa Theresa. Child is Anne Cavanagh, at Santa Theresa. Child is John Cavanagh, at Santa Theresa.Child is Gordon Cavanagh, at Santa Theresa.) Louis Mulidad Kamara Aranda H M .1928 (Father is deceased. Mother is Tilley. Brother is Brendan. Sister is Helen. Wife is Doreen Mulidad, Pultara, at Santa Theresa, whose father is Sammy Palmer and whose mother is deceased. Child is Marie Theresa Mulidad, single, at Santa Theresa.) Rupert Palmer Pultara Aranda H M .1920 3/4C (Born Bond Springs. Father is Dick Palmer, Ngwarai. Mother is Mary Palmer, Ngala. Wife is Martha Palmer, Kamara, born Bond Springs, now at Santa Theresa. Child is Leonie Palmer. Child is Gertrude Palmer. Child is Rachel Palmer. Child is Cecilie Palmer. Child is Yvonne Palmer. Child is Raymond Palmer. Child is Robert Palmer. Child is Phillip Palmer, at Alice Springs. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________