Dorisvale Station 1946 - 1968

National Archives of Australia F1 1966/815 Employment and general welfare of Aboriginals - Dorisvale Station 1950 - 1964 Copyright Paul Mackett 2022 NB From Station Inspection Report 26. 7.1963. Dorisvale Station is (was) 60 miles west of Stuart Highway turn off at the 183 mile. Inaccessable once the Daly River crossing at Claravale is up. Native employees, Children under 16 years and Dependants January 1, 1950 Dorisvale Station Children Shirley Farrell, 3 yrs Rae Farrell, 9 mths (Children of Jack Farrel and Biddy) Paddy, Mick and Patricia (Children of George and Dolly) Bruce and a baby boy (Children of Jerry and Norah) Talbot, David and Sandy (Children of Hicky and Olga) Male Employees Mick, Hicky, Jerry, George, Joe and Sambo Female Employees Marylyn, wife of Joe Lily, wife of Sambo Olga, wife of Hicky Norah, wife of Jerry Brumby, wife of Mick Dolly, wife of George Nancy, second wife of Jerry Dependants Charlie and Ginny, an old married couple Employment of Aboriginals half year ended 31.12.1951 NB format is Name, Aboriginal Name, ......... George, Elbyyarrie, male, wife Dolly, children Paddy (12 yrs), Mick (10 yrs), Teresa (8 yrs), George (3 yrs), Joe (6 mths) Dolly, Wooginmah, female Paddy (jnr), Banbow, male Flinders, Umoolgah, male Quondong, Coombinenru, male, wife Jinny Mick, Codgola, male, wife Brumby Emu, Dilmarrie, male, wife Mabel, Dependents Old Topsy (aged gin), Rita (3 yrs), Baby (6mths) Joe, Nairbair, male, wife Murralum Smiler, Dilmarrie, male Brumby, Jinniebainang, female Murralum, Jahmin, female Henry I, , male Henry II, , male Charlie, Roulagoolah, male Paddy, , male Johnson, Kingoonbarrie, male, wife is Elsie Larry, Bahlbeerie, male, wife is Topsy Toby, Nairbuhl, male Jumbo, Eburrunmah, male, wifde is Lily Lily, Bahmola, female Elsie, Curroongoo, female Employment of Aboriginals half year ended 31.12.1952 Sambo, , male Bradshaw Joe, Nairbair, male, wife Murralum Murralum, Jahmin, female Johnson, Kingoongarrie, male, wife Elsie Larry, Bahlberrie, male Toby, Nairbuhl, male Jumbo, Eburrunmah, male, wife Lily Lily, Bahmola, female Elsie, Curroongoo, female Tommy Wyatt, , male, wife Topsy Employment of Aboriginals half year ended 31.12.1954 Emu, , male, wife Mabel, children Rita (6 yrs), Doris (3 yrs) Sambo, , male Don, , male Nida, , female Nick, , male Bradshaw Joe, Nar-bair, male, wife Murralung Brumby, Jinn-E-Banang, female Johnson, King-Con-Garie, male, wife Elsie Larry, Bahl-Be-Rie, male Toby, Nair-Bul, male Lily, Bah-Mola, female Elsie, Cur-Ruun-Goo, female Murralung, Jah-Min, female Letter dated 16. 1.1956 - Dependents maintained at Dorisvale Stn as from 1. 7.1951 Old Jimmy, Bahmoonoo, Adult, 1. 7.1951 - 30. 9.1952 Harry, Yarra-Kaann, 72 yrs, 1. 7.1951 - 31.12.1954 (less 18 weeks) Mary, , 62 yrs, wife of Harry, 1. 7.1951 - 31.12.1954 (less 18 weeks) Polly, Nadaluk, 62 yrs, wife of Long Jack, 1. 7.1951 - 31.12.1954 (less 18 weeks) Long Jack, Mongun, Adult, 1. 7.1951 - 31.12.1954 (less 18 weeks) Maudie, Mongun, Adult, 1. 7.1951-30. 9.1952 Topsy, Mongun, , 1.10.1952-30. 6.1954 Doris, , 7 yrs, child of Mabel and Emu, 1.10.1952-30. 6.1954 Amy, , 4 yrs, child of Mabel and Emu, 1.10.1952-30. 6.1954 Roger, Kink-Ung-ir, 70 yrs, 1.10.1952-30. 6.1954 Doris Employment of Aboriginals half year ended 31.12.1957 Bill, Dinung, male, wife is Noala Noala, , female Joe, Nerber, male, wife is Maralam Maralam, Nabak, female Emu, Kiguldan, male, wife is Jessie, child is Rita Jessie, , female Murrel, Murrel, male, wife is Dolly, children are May 10 yrs, Clara, 10 yrs Jock, Barabul, male, wife is Charlotte, child is Rose 9 yrs Charlotte, , female Sambo, Yibaranma, male, wife is Teresa, child is Mona 6 mths Tommy Wyatt, Wallimurri, male, wife is Topsy Topsy, , female Paddy Banbul, male, wife is Nora George Jabulkumi, male, wife is Dolly, children are George 8 yrs, Joe 7 yrs Dolly, , female Brumby, Jalaman-Gari, female, widow Diana, Colikee, female, single Letter dated 16. 7.1964 from District Welfare Office Katherine to the Assistant Director Darwin Re: Dorisvale Station - Proposed School Stations visited week ending 10 July 1964 were Jindare, Claravale, Claravale Agricultural Block, Jones Timber Mill and Dorisvale. Following is a list of children, both aboriginal and European who would be living in the area should a school be established. Jundare Station Boy Sibes, European, 11 yrs Claravale Station Grace Liddy, Part European, 12 yrs Mary Liddy, Part European, 9 yrs Robert Liddy, Part European, 8 yrs Kevin Liddy, Part European, 4-5 yrs Nellie Ginbi-Inyan, Aboriginal, 3 yrs One part European child 3 yrs living at the Station. Claravale Agricultural Block Lizzie Sullivan, Part European, 3 yrs Thomas, Aboriginal, born 2. 7.1964 Jones Timber Mill Eric Jones, Part European, 7 yrs Desmond Jones, Part European, 3 yrs David Jones, Part European, 14 mths Rosaline Jones, Part European, 2 mths Leslie Turley, Part European, 2 yrs Dorisvale Janet Moore, European, 12 yrs Linda Moore, European, 10 yrs Leslie Moore, European, 8 yrs Olga Maurerra, Aboriginal, 11 yrs Kenny Babunbungun, Aboriginal, 7? yrs Christine Un Gulmul, Aboriginal, born 12. 1.1964 At present all children of school age are boarding with families in Pine Creek and attending the Pine Creek School. The only Aboriginal Children of school age in the area are at Dorisvale Station and receive no formal education. Should more Aboriginal Children move into the area, and this is likely when Mr Jones commences timber milling, it is possible that enough aboriginal children will be in the area to open a Welfare School.