Indiana Station 1953

National Archives of Australia E460 1983/471 Indiana Station Employment and general welfare of Aboriginals - Indiana Station 1953 Copyright Paul Mackett 2022 NB From Station Inspection Report 12. 8.1953. The station is 190 miles east of Alice Springs. Employees Gloomy Djagamara, Station hand Tommy Tanami Djabaldjari, Station hand Tomlin Djabangardi, Stockman Tom Djabangardi, Stockman Luke Djagamara, Stockman Larry Djagamara, Station hand Allen Djabaldjari, Station hand Leo Djabaldjari, Stockman Dickie Djabaldjari, Stockman Paddy Young Djabaldjari, Station hand These natives were obtained from Yuendumu on the 22 June 1952, and their employment commences from that date. Census - Part Aboriginals Nil Census - Aboriginals (Wailbri Tribe) Working Natives - Single Tomlin Djabangardi, 25 yrs Tom Djabangardi, 24 yrs Luke Djagamara, 25 yrs Larry Djagamara, 30 yrs Allen Djabaldjari, 25 yrs Les Djabaldjari, 25 yrs Dickie Djabaldjari, 17 yrs Paddy Young Djabaldjari, 28 yrs Working Natives - Married Gloomy Djagamara, 38 yrs Nora Nabaldjari, 17 yrs Tommy Tanami Djabaldjari, 37 yrs Dolly Nangala, 35 yrs Non-working Natives Nil Letter dated June 9, 1959 from The Department of Native Welfare Derby W.A. to the Director Darwin Mentions Billy Weedon Joseph Dann Billy Cooper Alphonse Fabian During December 1959 these natives travelled to Indiana Station via Alice Springs from Beagle Bay Mission for employment. Please check on them. Letter dated August 21, 1959 from Director of Welfare N.T. to the Chief Welfare Officer Billy Weedon, Joseph Dann, Billy Cooper and Alphonse Fabian were interviewed at Harts Range. All in good health and satisfied with current working conditions. Will be returning to Beagle Bay Mission before December, probably leaving Indiana Station late in November 1959.