Various Alice Springs 1939-1942

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Item F127/2 Various Alice Springs 1939-1942 Copyright P J Mackett 2017 20. 1.1941 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Please have the necessary steps taken to remove the aboriginal lubra Mabel and her halfcaste daughter Mary from her reputed camp five miles east of Conner's well, where Mr J Gorey's Plant is boring. 15. 2.1940 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Wallaby, one of our penal cases held at Jay Creek, absconded yesterday and made for Alice Springs. Please have him apprehended, as he is sure to be in the native camp at Alice Springs at present. 9. 2.1940 From T G H Strehlow to the Sergeant of Police, Alice Springs I have just had a visit from Mt Mallee Benson, a half-caste whoused to work at Wauchope and now wants to go out to Mt Hardy. Benson was legally married, so he claims, to Ruby Cole by Mr E Kramer at Alice Springs in March 1928. Benson alleges that his wife now wishes to leave him, as she has fallen in love with a white man at the Wauchope. The white man's name is stated to be Stan Morgan. I should be grateful to you if you could cause prompt enquiries to be made into the movements of Stan Morgan with a view to instituting proceedings against him on the ground of cohabitation with a female halfcaste. Also have the woman in question interviewed by the local police officer at Wauchope Creek. If Mrs Benson refuses to return to her husband, she is to be removed from Wauchope Creek to the Half-caste Home, Alice Springs. It is most desirable to check the present loosening of marriage ties among the half-caste population. 5.12.1937 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Mentions Larry from Jay Creek. 12.09.1937 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Mentions camel boy Rolf. 31.10.1937 5.12.1937 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Mentions Palierana who attached another man. 11.11.1937 From T G H Strehlow to Sergeant Koop, Alice Springs Mentions camel boy Rolf. 30. 6.1938 From V G Carrington District Officer to T G H Strehlow Mentions sick half-caste Maggie at Jay Creek. 25. 1.1942 From T G H Strehlow to the Aborigines Protection Board Adelaide An aboriginal woman aged approximately 33 years, whose name is Tjikana or Chickahna is at the moment working in Alice Springs but desires to return to Adelaide. She left the Northern Territory over 20 years ago, when she was a young girl; and she has lived in Adelaide ever since. During the time she has been in the employment, first of the late Dr H Basedow, then of his sister Miss E Basedow. It appears that Tjikana got into trouble with a soldier in Adelaide sometime last year and was then despatched by her employer to Alice Springs without notification of our Department. She has had her half-caste baby in November last year and wants to return to work in Adelaide. Since Alice Springs is a prohibited Area for unemployed aboriginals, and since Tjikana is unwilling to work under the conditionsof local employed aboriginals, I strongly recommend that work be found for Tjikana in Adelaide. I would suggest that Miss E Basedow be first approached to take back Tjikanal but if Miss E Basedow resolutely objects to the presence of Tjikana's baby, another employed would have to be found. It is suggested thatTjikana be allowed to keep her baby for the present. If This is not feasible, then I suggest that the baby be sent to a Children's Home and employment, if possible, be found for the mother in close proximity to this Home. Tjikana is completely spoiled for any way of life other than city life; and her presence here constitutes an insoluble problem for our Department. 20. 2.1942 From Aborigines Department Adelaide to DDNA Alice Springs Re Tjikana Upon receipt of your letter this morning, I communicated with Miss Basedow with regard to the future of Tjikana, and she stated she is willing to have Tjikana back, but she does not want the baby. However, she agreed to receive them both, and will try to arrange for the baby to be placed in a suitable home. Apparently Undayla is also in trouble. I understand she met a white soldier in Adelaide, and again in ALice Springs while there some time ago, with the result that she will probably have a baby about May of this year. It seems a great pity that these girls were ever brought to South Australia, but, since they have become accustomed to city life, it would be impossible for then to live under the old order. I will take all possible steps to find a solution to the trouble. 16. 2.1942 From T G H Strehlow to the Aborigines Protection Board Adelaide I desire to acknowledge with thanks your letter of 30th January concerning Tjikana. I am grateful to you for the steps you have taken to induce Miss Basedow to take Tjikana back. Please let me know whether Miss Basedow is willing to receiveTjikana and baby back immediately. If Miss Basedow is unwillingto pay for the fare, it is very likely that our Department will have to furnish the necessary funds. 20. 2.1942 From Aborigines Department Adelaide to T G H Strehlow In reply to your letter of 16th inst., I have to advise that I telephoned Miss Basedow this morning, and was informed that she has sent the amount of the fare from Alice Springs to Adelaide to Tjikana to enable her to return to her home at Kent Town. Miss Basedow states that Tjikana will leave Alice Springs on March 3, 1942. Undated Circa 1942 ? - From T G H Strehlow Alice Springs Half-Castes Religion Name Remarks Methodist Miss Perkins S. 1 girl 2 boys Cook at H.C.I Methodist Polly Blake (widow) Employed at Haybelle Methodist Daisy Pearce S. Employed Mrs Glass Methodist Evelyn Jones S. Employed at H.C.I. Methodist Lizzie Ward S. Employed at H.C.I. R. Catholic Kathleen Kerin ? S. Employed R. Hamilton C of Eng May Hill S. 1 boy (In A/Springs Gaol) C of Eng Topsy Glynn S. 2 girls Laundress at H.C.I. C of Eng Eileen Briscoe S. 1 boy Employed at Driver's C of Eng Mavis Webb S. Employed at H.C.I. C of Eng Sport Pearce S. Employed Mrs Owen Schoolgirls C of Eng Mora Carew C of Eng Millie Glen C of Eng Nettie Pearce C of Eng Minnie Williams C of Eng Norma Nicker Schoolboys C of Eng Willie Cassidy, 15 yrs Employed at H.C.I. C of Eng Harold Wuartermain C of Eng John Hogan C of Eng James Stirling C of Eng Duke Cassidy C of Eng Albert McNamee C of Eng Bobbie Renner C of Eng Harry Russell C of Eng Wally McArthur C of Eng Henry Baker R. Catholic Jackie Cusack R. Catholic Tom Cusack R. Catholic Ted McKenzie Methodist Cyril Frith Methodist Reggie Hughes (Julia Hughes son) Methodist Billy Hughes (Julia Hughes son) In addition to Kathleen Kerin and Willie Cassidy who have been marked with question mark, there are two Bray girls at the Half Caste Institution which have not been included in the total given above since they will probably return to the home of their parents. 10.11.1942 From Government Secretary Alice Springs to Mr Sweeny Native Affairs Branch Mentions Rueben is a bad influence at Hermannsburg. He has twice been warned to come into ALice Springs to join a labour unit but has avoided this. 28.11.1942 From V C Hall Police Constable to Jay Creek Reserve Death of a/n native Scott took place here on November 12, 1942. He was a TB case and died on a walk from the Alice Springs Hospital to a friend's camp about 4 miles away. 4.11.1942 From V C Hall Police Constable to Jay Creek Reserve Alleged Larceny as a Baillee - Aboriginal Jim Jim's brother is aboriginal Paddy Alice (Police Paddy) Also mentioned is Indian Kahlick of Alice Springs Note at end of letter as follows :- Jim is a "smart" native, of the better instructed type, something after the style of his brother. He would not impress a Court as a Myall who had made a mistake. Rather to the contrary. I should say he would talk himself further into trouble. He has been illegally using stock for years but this is the first time he has laid himself open. (if he has).