Alexandria Station 1956 - 1958

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1953/651 Census Alexandria Station 1956 - 1958 (1) 19.12.1956 Alexandria Station (Page stamped at Central Registry N.T.A. Darwin 19.12.1956) (2) 1. 5.1958 Alexandria Station Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2018 Census for 1956 Alexandria Station Name Birthplace Relationship Remarks Tobacco Jack Borroloola Husband ) Regularly return to Borroloola Lizzie Borroloola Wife ) Alec Nutwood Downs Single Returns regularly to Borroloola although not born there Toby Tom Wearyan River Single Returns occasionally to Borroloola Davey Robinson River Single Returns occasionally to Borroloola Charlie Brown Borroloola Husband ) Returns regularly to Borroloola Alma Borroloola Wife ) Jackta Borroloola Husband ) Returns regularly to Borroloola Bella Borroloola Wife ) Irene Borroloola Wife ) Jacky Robinson River Husband ) This family is now permanently established at Alexandria Clara Nutwood Downs Wife ) and as far as I know do not return to Borroloola. Betty Alexandria Part abo child ) Tony Alexandria Part abo child ) Billy Alexandria Part abo child ) Glorina Alexandria Daughter fullblood ) Jacky Soudan Son fullblood ) Wylo Borroloola Single Returns to Borroloola Kingsley Macarthur Single Returns regularly to Borroloola Mick Fulsche River Single Returns regularly to Borroloola Norman Borroloola Husband ) Returns to Borroloola Dinah Borroloola Wife ) Rexy Anthony Lagoon Part abo child ) Jimmy Anthony Lagoon Part abo child ) Gordon Borroloola Single Returns to Borroloola Don Borroloola Single Returns to Borroloola Harry Borroloola Single Returns to Borroloola Bill Robinson River Husband ) Probably returns fairly regularly Bhinda Robinson River Wife ) Kitty Robinson River Wife of old Norman an ex Wave Hill Native, does not return Bill Wollogorang ) Probably return fairly regularly Alma Fulsche River ) Hardy Robinson River ) Robinson Wollogorand Husband ) Probably return occasionally Mona Wollogorang Wife ) Stanly Borroloola Single Returns regularly Peter Borroloola Single Returns regularly Henry Borroloola Single Returns regularly Nipper Calvert Hills Husband ) Returns regularly to Borroloola Ruby Seven Emus Wife ) Clara Robinson River Single Returns regularly to Borroloola Jerry Borroloola Husband ) Returns regularly to Borroloola Bella Borroloola Wife ) Danny Borroloola Son ) Maisie Borroloola Daughter ) Raymond Borroloola Son ) Strike a Light Borroloola Wife at Borroloola Returns regularly Long Tommy Borroloola Husband ) Returns regularly Liddy Alexandria Wife ) Phylis Borroloola Daughter ) Kilomat Borroloola Single Returns regularly Note - Of the above 51 natives at Alexandria and its two outstations (Gallipoli and Soudan) from the Borroloola district, I consider 39 would return fairly regularly to the Borroloola Ration depot for walkabout 4 would return there occasionally 8 have now settled permanently on the station These figures are not necessarily correct but would be a fair indication. They have been compiled from my census, employmentreturns and my own personal knowledge. A handwritten notes follows This is a census of aborigines liable to return to Borroloola and has nothing to do with Maintenance of aborigines on Alexandria Station. Census for 1. 5.1958 Alexandria Station NB 1 In the absence of Mr Young who is on recreation leave I carried out the inspection of books and the taking of the census with the assistance of Miss Young bookkeeper and Mr McQueen Headstockman. Neither of these persons are fully conversant with the number and names of wards on the station and the added fact that many wards wer absent on duty on out-stations and other distant points on the property made the compiling of a complete and accurate census extremely difficult. Mr McQueen was anxious to leave for Mt Isa and could not afford to spend time assisting me in this respect. The following census was compiled to the best of my ability. I feel that to establish a census beyond doubt the inspection should be carried out in conjunction with Soudan and Gallipoli outstations. Signed Patrol Officer P J Lennard. NB 2 Handwritten notes on the sheets are presented in italics. Name Abor Name / Group Born/Age Notes Bob Limbinmurrangun Sybil Badrub Colin (Jimmy) 1946 Shirley 14 mths Mick Jinbirrigujina Rosie Bulgaralabi Teddy Minyimband 1936 Chingaloo Nguldidand 1941 Bob Watson (Janama) 1948 Charlie Myra Absent Peggy Gunjungi 1946 Tobacco Jack Jilbirili Lizzie Munamaraingu Long Norman Bungaruba Daisy Gabinji Avon Willie Bundamangun Kitty Bangalmalinya Linda Mijimijaib 1944 Mabel Bungundrn 1948 Tony Mijimijand 1949 Jessie Nangala 1952 Major (Jacob) Jangala 1953 Ringer Brangala Single Isaac Uwalinji Surplus, Borroloola Liddy Waianwurinja Borroloola Tommy Yunguramuji Danny Bilyarijungunu Trixie ? Maudie (Amanda) 1954 3/4C Suzie 1953 3/4C Robert 1956 3/4C Prince Gilyinju Molly Ildajaruba Alma 1943 David 1943 1945? Chloe 1945 Terry 1947 Jedda 1950 Debbie 1952 (Children 2 years younger) Dora Ngungaluma Juliet (Juliette) 5 yrs 1951 Noreen 3 yrs Roy Jangala 1941 Margaret Jalyeri 1944 (Inquiries being made) Chuckler More information sought Marjorie Balyarinji 1939 Ernie Wyndham ? Single Gallipoli Norman ? Single Wilson Lucy (Deceased Mt Isa) Lurich ? Davedori 1940 H/C Audrey Yagamulinji 1944 Louise Lurumbuna 1948 Amos Bajagalinji 1952 Euro Dreaming Byron Bajagalinji 1954 Euro Dreaming, 1st Amend (unnamed child born in Mt Isa during March) Frank Munjilanguna Single Alec Waliburu Single Toby-Tom Wirrawirang Single Hector Urunyamulla Bessie Madija 3/4C Jeffry 1950 7/8C Maria 1954 7/8C Patricia 4 mths 7/8C Jemima Bunjigurinya Elizabeth Yai-ab 3/4C Timmy 1949 H/C Tucker 1951 H/C Adam 1954 H/C Joyce 8 mths H/C Paddy O'Keife Mulmaieri Betty Wanjimima Barbara 1956 Freddy Dingmaiari Maia Maia Ngiligunbuna Margaret 1944 Emu Dreaming Cyclone 1947 Emu Dreaming Ned Namalinji Topsy Aralambina Davey Balugunna Jarri