New South Wales Aboriginal Wards

(1) The names recorded on this page have been removed at the request of the New South Wales Department of Aboriginal Affairs (2008). The New South Wales Department of Aboriginal Affairs has informed me that although the names on this list were recorded at a time when the original records were on open access at the Archives of New South Wales, the records are now closed. (2) In 2002 it was possible to extract from the AIATSIS (Mura?) catalogue the references and details of Aboriginal wards (some 336 individuals) mentioned in a publication titled "Kinchela Aboriginal home and school : alphabetical index of students" dated 1997. (3) Link Up (NSW) also voiced concerns to NSW DAA (2008) (though, surprisingly, not to the author) about these names appearing on the website. (4) A Link Up (NSW) staffer (initials D.R.) later (2008) contacted me via email to state she wished the site would be shut down. I replied but there was no response. It should be noted that a lot of information about the Wards of New South Wales is actually in the public domain as interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, books and such places as the Australian Institure of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Mura catalogue. Googling such things as 'Kinchela Boys Home' or 'Cootamundra Girls Home' will bring up references to people who were in these places. AIATSIS have produced a CD containing all issues to the 'Dawn' magazine and which is available at their bookshop in Canberra and online here. This magazine contains hundreds of references to Wards. Original issues are available in some libraries and also in some second hand bookshops. Years ago I managed to obtain one issue from 1959 and three from 1961. Paul Mackett 2012